Asclepius Divines

Asclepius Divines

I stand right here
with vision clear
and observe you thru my heart

There never was
a greater cause
than loving all as One

In ancient times
the jests and mimes
mimicked life they saw

And each one knew
that spare a few
they too were being portrayed

They took that in
There was no sin
They laughed and then they grew

Over time it changed
and power deranged
and caused a view thru mind

Separation occurred
Heart vision blurred
with some wanting more than their share

Inequality spread
A scarcity of bread
and of compassion for each other

As i look out to sea
with a heart that’s still free
I feel change brewing on the horizon

It’s coming right thru
It is bringing the new
The first winds have arrived at the shore

Old, weary and wise
I stand bracing my thighs
for i know the force of this charge

There can no longer be
Enforced inequality
All life wants to live free

A container that holds
the jewels and the golds
is useless if not made for sharing

What has arrived at the shore
At my very heart’s door
is the art form of giving and receiving

It has been a long wait
for humankind to equate
a mathematical equation that’s new, i knew

It is simple, yes fun
One plus one equals one
and never again can equal two

Returning to One
Duality undone
A new art form of life has begun

A new sound
A new song to be sung
An expansion of love’s web has been spun

Where barriers once were
now there’ll be none
All connecting thru

The Power of One

gagi     10/14/13