And So It Began

And So It Began

the plethora of imaginings
stirred as a mix
enchanting the attractors
converging, transfixed

possibilities emerging
into the now
playful enjoyment
showing us how

new ways to encounter
the state of affairs
that had sent so many
in retreat to their lairs

emerging, converging
excited to be
the rebirth of divinity
All That Is and Can Be

we know it, we feel it
we sense the break thru
we are the designers
creating the new

specialty holders
doers of good
serving the becoming
a devoted parenthood

aware and alert
as we’re shown the way
prepared to do more
than we could dream of or say

into the realms
of untold form that’s been born
movement, includement
jeopardy gone

instant composures
ready to be heard
evoking our passions
emotions are stirred

lightened and brightened
our love now combined
a magnificent future
creative power aligned

gagi      05/06/16