Asked to Obey

Asked to Obey

when asked to obey
who is doing the asking?
a question of importance
before performing the tasking

is it a parent, a teacher we trust?
is it a leader saying we must?
is it an authority looking after our safety?
is it a demand, casual or hasty?
is it an inner voice?

to obey a rule
whether commandments or agreements
may offer safety or stability
as we navigate the web

the web of life
interactive connectivity
experiences stability of growth
with discernment then reactivity

the web has fractal patterns and beauty
created from harmony and balance
the web holds many creative indulgences
each fractal is there to enhance

to enhance the web with infinite possibilities
and we’re given the power of choice
each link in the web offers us options
are we to choose or be told what’s to be?

even with the concept of obedience
we remember “know thy inner truth”
and it’s a time to review time-honoured practices
have these offered up some past proof?

each intersection offers a new choice point in time
a place to ask questions in order to define:
has the old way provided a way and a means
to co-habit this planet co-creating balance and beauty
remembering we’re here to attend to our sacred duty?
growing the love?

picture taking threads of sunbeams and moonbeams
stitching in love, stitching in peace
gently mending, attending to any gaps in her seams
these are our choices that can answer our dreams

what voice do we choose to obey?

gagi      10/02 & 10/04/18