Calling in the Masters

Calling in the Masters

i was calling in the Masters
to join in meditation time
and who should turn up present
unexpected and in his prime

because his name was Masters
he felt he qualified
now he is present in good company
with other Masters who replied

his presence was of merriment
with an underlying serious tone
not sure why he is present
is there a message we can hone?

you got to know Asclepius
you saw him for yourself
it is time to know another now
who will give you gifts of health

Sekhmet met you at our residence
a now ancient place and shrine
her presence is uncomplicated
and one would say sublime

her strength is calling to you
she commands attention now
she asks you to accept a task
and she will show you how

the morning sun is rising
calling forth this dawn of day
Sekhmet the lioness sun god
begins to stalk her prey

she hungers for the lofty
the creatures who do not pray
for peace and joy and kindness
as they begin and end a day

instead controlling others
they create hardship so they can stay
living lives of luxury and
letting others pay

Sekhmet wants to teach you
i accept, and i’m willing to stay
a student of this healer
to change our world as it is today

your task will not be easy
yet you can enjoy it as if at play
for the seriousness must be offset
by being in a playful way

your instructions will come at waking
tune in then begin each day
and share this little story
with my Jeannie, yes you may

gagi     6/24/14