Candle Talk

Candle Talk

slid open the match box
3 fell to the floor
the box was upside down
could have dropped more

first lit a new candle
but wanted to finish the last
so took from the waste basket
a used match and relit the past

the wick was quite buried
in the wax that was there
and it burnt out quite quickly
not enough wick to spare

a new match was lit
it too went out
the third match found no wick
it dropped burning into the wax
becoming a wick by itself

off to find a new candle
and press it into the soft wax
there was a metaphor here
and these are its facts

watch for the hints
when something goes astray
let it play out
it has something to say

don’t try to extend
something ready to end
use its reservoir as fuel
anchoring the new
using it to transcend

on the side let there burn
a light of remembrance
ready to ignite
a fresh re-assemblance
that lights a new way

once the new candle was lit
before side candle was put away
the whole room brightened up
now readied for play

gagi     10/10/23