Clearing the Past

Clearing the Past
the past was our journey
into the now
valuable lessons
have shown us how
how to navigate
how to connect thru the heart
how to live in togetherness
how to daily restart
with growing awareness
we are free to release
all reliving of the past
and all old beliefs
moving into the new
the new we’re creating
can’t be built on the past
but on past-life translating
is there anything left
we haven’t released?
to get on with this task
all we have to do is just ask
please help us understand
what is happening now?
ask before sleeping
soon the past will be speaking
present in our lives now
are patterns returning
let’s release the past trauma
to gain the freedom we’re yearning
once we are shown
relationships thru time
those affecting us the most
can be past stories we host
let the stories unfold
don’t embellish with imagination
understanding who we are
is our lifetimes’ education
physical, emotional, dependancies released
our ability to live in wholeness
now greatly increased
we are reborn
gagi    07/17/22