Creative Gateways

Creative Gateways

the creative gateways are open
resplendent in their beckoning
even the movement towards them
brings us to a time of reckoning

solutions are thru that gateway
they exist in simplicity and complexity
partially owned, partially loaned
redefined and known as simplexity

the courage to move
the desire to prove
we are capable agents of creation

called now to design
to bring together, refine
the elements, systems of relation

relation to the source
relation to the course
existence in all dimensions

finding the key
unlocking the door
opening to
the uniglobe new
and refreshing to a start of resurgence

creative gateways exist
emerging thru the myst
inviting our gifts of remembrance

accumulating the strength
of participatory length
aligned in a non-linear expansion

radiant rays
multidisciplinary ways
of expressing into co-creations

rally and be
the adventurous free
becoming the power of we

let us be

gagi     02/06/20