Falsely Accused

came in for a friend facing criminal charges..

Falsely Accused

falsely accused
a lifetime that’s stained
a shock to the system
where was deeply engrained
a love for humanity
and a passion entrained
to make such a difference
in a world so estranged
from the oneness of being

…compassionate, now pained
by the distance between sides
that misunderstanding has arranged…

enter the stillness
quiet a questioning mind
ask then for guidance
solutions to find

with total acceptance
that others do see
thru eyes of existence
other ways to perceive

when innocence is charged
by such opposite sight
what power can be given
to exalt what is right?

gentleness, compassion
to those so disturbed
what caused them to distort
what they have observed?

the guidance will be given
for the innocent must lead
out of the darkness
having planted a seed

a seed that will grow
for those personally attacked
to bear fruit for the future
that will nurture and enact
a shift in awareness
so as to never go back
to condemnation of others
when really the fact
is that our own disturbances
affect how we see
let us understand this
so that all can be free

gagi      11/25/14