at the setting horizon
it creeps in again
asking to name it
”foreboding” came in

an unsettled feeling
uneasiness clear
what is this warning?
what is so near?

in a practice of clearing
of examining within
what am i missing?
where do i begin?

where am i welcomed?
what offerings do i decline?
am i being inclusive
or trying to do it myself all the time?

am i receiving
the gifts that are offered?
and those synchronicities
that keep happening
are they not miracles proper?

to empty all out
to share from the heart
to feel gentle sweetness
is this what we can impart?

what is this gift of a warning
before an outcome is advanced?
what awareness can be gained?
how can our future be enhanced?

yes we are in this together
your suffering is mine
let us journey on our paths
with our love intertwined

gagi     08/08/20 & 08/09/20