Our Vision for Peace

Our Vision for Peace

may the warmth and the pulse of our love
envelop all who are suffering
may the joy of remembrance inspire us
and with a foundation of connectivity
what will we bring?

may we bring peace unto this world of ours
a world that is shared with all life
may love be the vehicle of gentle persuasion
dissolving the suffering and strife

may the relationships we have with each other
strengthen and expand to beyond
into the connections we’re sharing
with the ultimate heart resonance of caring

suspended in the arena of action
the vision is held now for peace
the loving hearts of the united
connected for a powerful increase

increasing the love of the matrix
where loving thoughts are seeded into action
perilous journeys dissolving
into a fundamental response to our love

spacial awareness a necessity
to understanding where we are on the grid
reaching our expansive capacity
is dependant on others amid

others amid the interweaving
each strengthening and knotting their ties
a web of explicit designing
intent to claim peace as their prize

gagi     02/08/17