Our Work

Our Work
an endless night
totally without sleep
what is keeping me awake
so very, very late?
what is wanting to speak?
so much we are clearing
a re-visiting of the past
for some it is nightmares
for some the obsolete has crashed
 perhaps it’s a wanting?
no longer a need
for we are always looked after
but in order to proceed
avoiding possible disaster
what is missing?
the questions always help
this is no exception
a full vision arrives and is given
a welcoming reception
there is beauty in this
once clarity is reached
we can pay attention to a want
then a curious thing
the want is taken out of the past
and soon is fulfilled
an arrival to filling the gap
and is there to be cast
into the future
as we flow into the new
good night
gagi      11/07/22 & 11/08/22