Party of One

Party of One

a parable perhaps
or so it becomes
this time of recognition
the power of one

one opportunity
as never before
to know we’re empowered
and to open that door

the door to our future
of all it can be
asked to self-isolate
to know singularity

physical isolation allows us to be
simplified to the core
and in many ways free

free to play in a child-like way
using our imaginations
in a playful, no rules way

imagine our future
the way we want it to be
imagine the details
until we very clearly see

the intricate parts
the movement, the systems
the harmony, the beauty
the multi-dimensional wisdom

then bring it all home
and no longer alone
connect to our soul group
by internet or phone

those who will share our excitement
connected thru the heart
inviting them into our story
a togetherness start

with our creative one mind
our passionate one heart
we will build from that future
and celebrate this new start

gagi     10/07/20