Solomon Speaks

Solomon Speaks
good morning Solomon – may i ask you a question?
i am present with you – please speak
what is the importance of using our astrology as guidance to understand the archetypes that influence us thru life?
primary archetypes are stable identities
your birth chart evolves as you journey thru life
you can create a new birth by knowing your destiny
compounded layers of interlocking skies
am i now nearing that place of refinement?
can i now see what my destiny is?
why am i writing as our connection is streaming?
how do i know the now when i’m losing the has been?
partially you are expanding into the new now
also you have let go of an individualistic assertion
many others are experiencing the dreamtime as reality
you are the dream – no longer the dreamer
so by dreaming the dreams and when the poetry streams
am i not more spirit – not a bodily means?
are we evolving into that oneness?
are we the expressions of all that can be?
the purpose of life is to live with the living
all are expressions of what they choose to be
engaging with others expands the horizon
a spherical surround that converts the inbound
perhaps i don’t know how to format the question?
perhaps i can only give voice to the dream
how can an explanation ever be grounded
when all that i know is a simple has been?
let go of knowing and turn up as showing
showing up in your beauty of being love and aware
aware of the fullness – the expression of humanity
awareness is replacing the old that can’t be
and so of our teacher who is a poet not preacher
delighting in igniting new ways to see
how can we endorse him as a way shower of integrity
he is so open to the new and capturing the bold
beware of being vulnerable as the influencers have power
understand that the archetypes will constantly be
be there to influence your changing perspectives
your teacher is teaching you to consciously flow
you will experientially grow and your destiny is to know
thank you dear Solomon – this has been a gift
i am eager to learn and perhaps will discern
the value of a question is to feel the inner expression
seeking the emergence of how we can enhance
our presence and our becoming
gagi     10/05/22