Specifically Forbidden

Specifically Forbidden

we are into the New
and we have so much to do
no time
no space
this is the place of Creation

thru stillness and silence
we continue to empty out
this is our work
this what its all about

into that emptiness
we listen and feel
and soon there is a presence
that presents something real

from light and from love
it awakens our heart
and delivers some message
that inspires a restart

erase and replace
the obsolete old structures
take the gems we have garnered
from experiences of living
reform and embellish
into a new form that’s for giving

our gift to our future
has a form that’s so flexible
it welcomes new additions
and always fun is at play
many create their editions
to represent a new way

and as we create
a question is questioned

what is forbidden?

in this infinite playground
we are free to explore
kicking a ball around
rolling on the floor
gaining new perspectives
in our constant interplay

nothing forbidden
our consciousness is on display

from a place of sacred Oneness

& Gratitude

are the elements of Creation

let us play

gagi     11/18/23