time to retreat now
time to reverse
slow down to stillness
still to the core
stop all the motion
’til there’s not any more
and then at that still point
be with it and feel

it is time to reverse
and wind in the reel
letting it out
expanding the field
has led to inventions
and increased the yield

now is the time
to pull back and refine
keeping only the aspects
that support the divine
gentleness, beauty
commodities pure
friendship, kindness
what is the allure?

as the fisherman checks
his line that’s reeled in
check now your relationship
to what’s without and within

pull in that picture
of how each day is spent
watch it, examine it
what has it meant?

simplify, refine
find some joy in the doing
giving credit to the heart-links
in what you’re reviewing

capture the oneness
the true purpose of life
going in, deeply inward
to that universal light

that spark of creation
the melding pot of form
ask now to wear it
as a mantle to be worn

and only by pulling inward
will the vision be born
of the new world creation
you’re as a kernel of corn

ready to absorb
the love and the light
waiting for conditions
to be perfectly right

to sprout and take root
to grow with new life
into a life form
of renewal and might

and imagine a plain
newly planted with corn
each stalk unique
each with potential unborn

ah, the potential
the potential to be
that is the future
to which you will seed

gagi      12/30/14