The Friction

The Friction

the friction will exist
as long as fear persists
and the same goes for doubt
time to throw them out

radiant-heart beings awaken
how many eons has it taken
for you to once more align
with the multi-dimensional spine?

access to all that is
comes from that quiet place
feeling activates vibrations
and all vibrations echo back

so if we fear
what we fear is attracted
and if we doubt
what’s doubted is invited in

many experiences
many examples
and the friction exits
as our feelings persist

if we simply ask for guidance
and envision what is wanted
many things come into being
when our minds are no longer haunted

and if what we want
is for the good of all
the energies of manifestation
will respond to the call
with ease
an ease found when we are relieved
of friction

gagi     03/04/15