One More Poem

One More Poem

rise up
it’s the morn
you have arrived
at a time now reborn

enter this world with senses attuned
and allow the reverberance of all to be tuned

the magistery of awakening into this now
is the simple understanding of creation and how
there can be only a semblance of feelings and thoughts
taking form in a mergence of each other’s lots

come to the table and spread out your wares
what can be gifted and what can be shared?

many will swap and some will decide
to keep what they have and nurture aside
to grow into something that then they can share
an expanded version of an idea or ware

becoming, combining like building blocks of play
we are entering into the days of the Way
where all creation is tuned into the vibration of love
and construction is blessed by the flight of the dove

the pureness of peace now will settle and ground
and all will be balanced as they look around
and see the glow and the love and the happiness fair
and smiles on the faces of all who are there

gentle and kind, caring and true
all blessed by the presence of God as we do

gagi     11/06/14