Precious is Life

Precious is Life

precious is life upon this Earth
precious is all the diversity
precious are those who understand
humanity’s destructive perversity

Owl has been the witness here
of all that has transpired
and here is Owl reporting now
she speaks and she is tired

“at some point some of humanity
forgot to honour All
and that was the very beginning
of what has been the greatest fall

a fall from the highest good
that was meant to grow and grow
a departure from a time before
when love was there to show”

in the dark of night Owl has seen
humanity’s divide
some who care and some who don’t
now’s the turning of the tide

Owl is wise and Owl now says:
“it is time to erase the past –
humanity has this one chance now
if life on Earth will last

the answer comes from your hearts
dear friends
listen and feel the call
beauty is surrounding you
care for it and repair
repair the results of the fall

love each other and love thyselves
you are creation in the making
understand that personally
each thought and action taken
impacts on all diversity

be aware of what’s happening
you have access to All
make choices that will turn the tide
taking action together will overcome
the destructive forces that hide

the hidden agendas of those who want
to control the destiny of others
can no longer exist in a world that unites
and changes what it uncovers

cherish the newness of every day
connect with the stars and the angels
cherish the beauty of who you are
and signify your desire to become a star
one of many who are changing this world

become one of the oneness sum”

Owl’s report is done

gagi   06/06/15